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Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Dec 10, 2018
Long Beach State vs. Pacific
Long Beach State
+6 -110
  at  5DIMES
in 17h

Monday night Football perfect System Play of the month is up and we have the 18-1 Totals system too. In hoops the headliner is the Triple Perfect Total of the Week. NCAAB Comp play Below.

The NCAAB Comp play is on Long Beach St here tonight plus the 5-6 points at 10:00 eastern. Long Beach and pacific are very close in the RPI Rankings, but Long Beach has played a much tougher schedule 17th toughest in the nation. They have covered 5 of 6 off a loss, 45 of 5 vs winning teams and 22 of 29 vs West Cost conference teams. Pacific has failed to cover 4 of 5 vs Big West conference teams, 5 of 7 at home and the favorite in this series is just 1-6 to the spread. Take the points in this one. ON Monday night we have our Monday night Football play of the month with a Perfect system and a bonus total system that is 18-1. In Hoops the headliner is the Triple perfect NBA Total of the Week. For the College hoops free play. Take the 5-6 points with Long Beach St. RV- GC Sports

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Dec 09, 2018
Jazz vs Spurs
UNDER 218 -115 Won
Play Type: Premium

The NBA Totals Play is on the Under in the Utah at San Antonio game. Rotation numbers 505/506 at 7:05 eastern.  This game fits a  perfect totals system that plays under for road team like Utah that covered by 14 or more as a home favorite of 4 or less and scored 110 or more, vs an opponent that scored 120 or more. Interesting thins about this system is that every posted total in these games was at last 205 and the average score is 193. These two played a few days ago and the Jazz tunes up the Spurs putting up 139. So we can look for the Spurs to play commit to defense a bit more here. Play this one Under

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Stars vs Golden Knights
Golden Knights
-145 at 5Dimes
Play Type: Top Premium

The NHL power System Play is on Las Vegas. Game 32 at 9:05 eastern. Las Vegas qualifies in our powerful 69-12 system subset tonight and The Knights are a solid 15-2 on Sunday and 4-1 at home vs teams with losing road records. They have won 7 of the last and take on a Dallas team that has lost 18 of 26 on the road. Look for Las Vegas to win

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Ravens vs Chiefs
+7 -120 at Bovada
Play Type: Free

Sunday night Game of the Year with 22-0 system headlines along with our Tier 1 Side and 2 more best bets plus hoops. NFL Comp Play below.

The NFL comp play is on Baltimore plus the points at 1:00 eastern. The Ravens have covered 9 straight after getting defensive touchdown in their last game and KC has failed to cover 12 of 13 at home if they scored 34 or more and allowed 10 or more as a favorite last week. The Ravens are 5-0 ats after rushing for 150+ yards. In game splayed in week 3 or later we are playing against winning teams in non divisional grass games that were road favorites last week and are playing a team that averages 7 or more rushing first downs per game. These teams have failed to cover 23 of 24 times and this plays against the Chiefs. The Ravens have shown they can move the ball with Lamar Jackson at the helm and they should give KC a big game here. Play on Baltimore. Tonight is the Sunday night Game of the Year backed with a 22-0 system. In afternoon action we have our Exclusive Executive Level TIER 1 Side and 2 More Powerful system winner with some solid Hoops lays mixed in. For the NFL Free play. Go with Baltimore- RV- GC Sports

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Broncos vs 49ers
-3 -125 at 5Dimes
Play Type: Top Premium
NFL TIER 1 On Denver. Game 123 at 4:05 eastern. SF is in this massive play against system that pertains to home dogs. The road favorite has covered 29 of 30 times. Play on Denver   SU:1-29-0 ATS:1-29-0 Dec 23, 2012Sunday162012ChiefsColtshome3-70-610-00-713-206.541.5-7-0.5-8.5-4.5-4.0LLU0Sep 26, 2013Thursday42013RamsFortyninershome3-00-140-78-1411-353.042.0-24-21.04.0-8.512.5LLO0Sep 29, 2013Sunday42013JaguarsColtshome3-00-200-140-33-378.542.5-34-25.5-2.5-14.011.5LLU0Oct 20, 2013Sunday72013JaguarsChargershome0-73-73-30-76-247.045.0-18-11.0-15.0-13.0-2.0LLU0Nov 10, 2013Sunday102013FalconsSeahawkshome0-33-207-30-710-334.546.0-23-18.5-3.0-10.87.8LLU0Dec 15, 2013Sunday152013TitansCardinalshome10-70-37-1017-1434-372.542.5-3-0.528.514.014.5LLO1Dec 15, 2013Sunday152013RaidersChiefshome3-2114-1414-140-731-566.044.0-25- 21, 2014viewSunday32014JaguarsColtshome0-100-203-014-1417-446.545.5-27-20.515.5-2.518.0LLO0Nov 09, 2014viewSunday102014RaidersBroncoshome3-37-170-217-017-4112.050.5-24-12.07.5-2.29.8LLO0Dec 07, 2014viewSunday142014RedskinsRamshome0-00-60-180-00-242.544.5-24-21.5-20.5-21.00.5LLU0Dec 07, 2014viewSunday142014TitansGiantshome0-170-67-100-37-362.546.0-29-26.5-3.0-14.811.8LLU0Dec 21, 2014viewSunday162014BuccaneersPackershome0-73-30-00-103-2011.548.5-17-5.5-25.5-15.5-10.0LLU0Oct 04, 2015viewSunday42015FortyninersPackershome0-73-00-100-03-177.548.0-14-6.5-28.0-17.2-10.8LLU0Dec 06, 2015viewSunday132015RamsCardinalshome0-70-33-140-33-274.543.0-24-19.5-13.0-16.23.2LLU0Dec 27, 2015viewSunday162015TitansTexanshome0-100-70-176-06-344.040.0-28-24.00.0-12.012.0LLP0Jan 03, 2016viewSunday172015BrownsSteelershome3-76-70-33-1112-2812.047.0-16-4.0-7.0-5.5-1.5LLU0Oct 02, 2016viewSunday42016FortyninersCowboyshome7-07-143-70-317-241.544.5-7-5.5-3.5-4.51.0LLU0Oct 09, 2016viewSunday52016BrownsPatriotshome7-160-70-76-313-3310.547.5-20-9.5-1.5-5.54.0LLU0Oct 30, 2016viewSunday82016BrownsJetshome10-010-70-148-1028-312.545.5-3-0.513.56.57.0LLO0Dec 04, 2016viewSunday132016JaguarsBroncoshome0-03-100-77-310-204.039.0-10-6.0-9.0-7.5-1.5LLU0Dec 11, 2016viewSunday142016RamsFalconshome0-70-140-2114-014-426.045.0-28-22.011.0-5.516.5LLO0Oct 22, 2017viewSunday72017FortyninersCowboyshome3-140-60-137-710-406.548.5-30-23.51.5-11.012.5LLO0Nov 12, 2017viewSunday102017BroncosPatriotshome6-143-137-70-716-417.546.0-25-17.511-3.214.2LLO0Dec 10, 2017viewSunday142017BrownsPackershome7-77-07-00-1421-273.040.0-6- 10, 2017viewSunday142017GiantsCowboyshome0-310-70-00-2010-304.041.5-20-16.0-1.5-8.87.2LLU0Dec 14, 2017viewThursday152017ColtsBroncoshome7-03-73-150-313-252.540.5-12-9.5-2.5-6.03.5LLU0Dec 31, 2017viewSunday172017DolphinsBillshome0-70-33-913-316-223.042.0-6-3-4-3.5-0.5LLU0Oct 29, 2018viewMonday82018BillsPatriotshome0-33-63-30-136-2514.044.5-19-5-13.5-9.2-4.2LLU0Nov 04, 2018viewSunday92018BrownsChiefshome3-712-140-136-321-378.552.0-16-7.56.0-0.86.8LLO0Nov 18, 2018viewSunday112018LionsPanthershome7-73-03-07-1220-193.548.014.5-9.0-2.2-6.8WWU0 Dec 09, 2018viewSunday142018FortyninersBroncoshome4.045.5
Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Rams vs Bears
-3 +100 at 5Dimes
Play Type: Premium

The Sunday night Power system Play is on the St. Louis Rams at 8:20 eastern. The Bear are in the terrible system below which has cashed 22 straight times. Chicago is 0-10 ats off a loss where they had 21 or more first downs. The Bears are 0-6 ats at home vs a team that has 3 or more in a row if they were favored last out. The Rams are 6-0 ats on the road off a favored win where they never trailed. Play on The Rams tonight.



  Nov 30, 2014viewSunday132014SteelersSaintshome3-03-147-1419-732-35-3.554.5-3-6.512.53.09.5LLO0

Dec 07, 2014viewSunday142014DolphinsRavenshome10-00-70-73-1413-28-2.545.0-15-17.5-4.0-10.86.8LLU0

Oct 04, 2015viewSunday42015BroncosVikingshome3-010-107-03-1023-20-6.543.03-3.50-1.81.8WLP0

Oct 26, 2015viewMonday72015CardinalsRavenshome7-37-76-06-826-18-9.049.08-1-5-3.0-2.0WLU0

Nov 08, 2015viewSunday92015PackersPanthersaway7-30-247-315-729-37-2.546.0-8-10.520.04.815.2LLO0

Dec 10, 2015viewThursday142015CardinalsVikingshome10-70-37-06-1023-20-9.546.53-6.5-3.5-5.01.5WLU0

Jan 17, 2016viewSunday192015SeahawksPanthersaway0-140-1714-010-024-312.542.5-7-4.512.54.08.5LLO0

Oct 09, 2016viewSunday52016BroncosFalconshome0-103-30-713-316-23-3.545.0-7-10.5-6.0-8.22.2LLU0

Oct 23, 2016viewSunday72016SteelersPatriotshome0-710-73-63-716-277.549.0-11-3.5-6.0-4.8-1.2LLU0

Dec 11, 2016viewSunday142016BroncosTitansaway0-100-30-010-010-132.044.0-3-1.0-21.0-11.0-10.0LLU0

Oct 08, 2017viewSunday52017SteelersJaguarshome3-03-73-130-109-30-7.042.0-21-28.0-3.0-15.512.5LLU0

Nov 05, 2017viewSunday92017TitansRavenshome10-36-30-07-1423-20-3.543.03-0.50-0.20.2WLP0

Dec 10, 2017viewSunday142017RamsEagleshome7-147-1014-77-1235-430.050.0-8-

Dec 17, 2017viewSunday152017PackersPanthersaway7-77-33-147-724-313.047.0-7-

Oct 14, 2018viewSunday62018RamsBroncosaway6-37-07-73-1023-20-7.050.53-4.0-7.5-5.8-1.8WLU0

Oct 14, 2018viewSunday62018TitansRavenshome0-70-70-70-00-213.042.0-21-18-21-19.5-1.5LLU0

Oct 21, 2018viewSunday72018BearsPatriotshome10-77-147-107-731-381.548.5-7-5.520.57.513.0LLO0

Oct 21, 2018viewSunday72018RavensSaintshome0-010-77-06-1723-24-2.549.0-1-3.5-2.0-2.80.8LLU0

Oct 28, 2018viewSunday82018RamsPackershome0-78-315-106-729-27-7.557.52-5.5-1.5-3.52.0WLU0

Nov 25, 2018viewSunday122018SteelersBroncosaway0-310-77-70-717-24-3.047.0-7-10.0-6.0-8.02.0LLU0

Nov 25, 2018viewSunday122018PanthersSeahawkshome3-010-107-77-1327-30-3.047.0-3-

Dec 02, 2018viewSunday132018SteelersChargershome13-710-00-87-1830-33-3.054.0-3-

Dec 09, 2018viewSunday142018BearsRamshome3.052.0

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Steelers vs Raiders
UNDER 51½ -110 Won
Play Type: Premium
The NFL Totals Play is on the Under in the Pittsburgh at Oakland game. Rotation numbers 131/132 at 4:25 eastern. This game applies to the powerful 28-2 under system as seen below that pertains to road favorites of more than 7 in games where the total is more than 37 and less than 54. The Steelers are 16 of 22 under vs losing teams and 9-0 under as a road favorite or more than 7. They are 7-0 under on the road if they were outgained last out. Oakland is 6-1 under after allowing 250+ pass years, and 4-1 under after scoring 30 or more. Both defenses were lit up for 3)+ points last week and both scored 30+. Look for a a bit of reversal for both teams and both sides of the ball. Play this one under  O/U:2-28-0   Nov 16, 2014viewSunday112014BroncosRamsaway0-107-30-30-67-22-8.550.0-15-23.5-21.0-22.21.2LLU0Nov 23, 2014viewSunday122014PackersVikingsaway7-07-103-37-824-21-8.049.53-5.0-4.5-4.80.2WLU0Dec 07, 2014viewSunday142014FortyninersRaidersaway7-33-73-70-713-24-8.040.5-11-19.0-3.5-11.27.8LLU0Dec 21, 2014viewSunday162014LionsBearsaway7-00-73-710-020-14-8.044.56-2.0-10.5-6.2-4.2WLU0Dec 21, 2014viewSunday162014PackersBuccaneersaway7-03-30-010-020-3-11.548.5175.5-25.5-10.0-15.5WWU0Dec 21, 2014viewSunday162014PatriotsJetsaway0-07-103-37-317-16-10.047.01-9.0-14.0-11.5-2.5WLU0Oct 11, 2015viewSunday52015PatriotsCowboysaway3-310-07-310-030-6-9.050.52415.0-14.50.2-14.8WWU0Nov 29, 2015viewSunday122015CardinalsFortyninersaway3-03-37-106-019-13-9.045.56-3.0-13.5-8.2-5.2WLU0Dec 06, 2015viewSunday132015BengalsBrownsaway7-013-314-03-037-3-9.044.03425-4.010.5-14.5WWU0Dec 13, 2015viewSunday142015SeahawksRavensaway7-07-67-014-035-6-11.542.02917.5-1.08.2-9.2WWU0Dec 27, 2015viewSunday162015SteelersRavensaway0-73-67-07-717-20-10.547.5-3-13.5-10.5-12.01.5LLU0Oct 09, 2016viewSunday52016PatriotsBrownsaway16-77-07-03-633-13-10.547.5209.5-1.54.0-5.5WWU0Nov 20, 2016viewSunday112016SteelersBrownsaway3-011-03-37-624-9-8.545.0156.5-12.0-2.8-9.2WWU0Nov 20, 2016viewSunday112016PatriotsFortyninersaway6-37-70-017-730-17-13.051.5130.0-4.5-2.2-2.2WPU0Nov 24, 2016viewThursday122016SteelersColtsaway14-07-70-07-028-7-8.550.02112.5-15-1.2-13.8WWU0Nov 27, 2016viewSunday122016PatriotsJetsaway0-310-73-09-722-17-8.047.55-3.0-8.5-5.8-2.8WLU0Sep 10, 2017viewSunday12017SteelersBrownsaway7-77-07-30-821-18-9.046.53-6.0-7.5-6.8-0.8WLU0Oct 15, 2017viewSunday62017PatriotsJetsaway0-714-77-03-324-17-9.047.57-2.0-6.5-4.2-2.2WLU0Nov 12, 2017viewSunday102017SteelersColtsaway0-03-106-711-020-17-10.044.53-7.0-7.5-7.2-0.2WLU0Nov 19, 2017viewSunday112017ChiefsGiantsaway0-03-60-06-39-12-10.045.5-3-13-24.5-18.8-5.8LLU1Dec 03, 2017viewSunday132017PatriotsBillsaway3-06-314-00-023-3-8.548.52011.5-22.5-5.5-17.0WWU0Dec 11, 2017viewMonday142017PatriotsDolphinsaway0-610-70-1410-020-27-11.047.5-7-18.0-0.5-9.28.8LLU0Dec 23, 2017viewSaturday162017VikingsPackersaway10-00-03-03-016-0-9.041.0167.0-25-9.0-16.0WWU0Dec 25, 2017viewMonday162017SteelersTexansaway10-010-07-07-634-6-10.044.52818-4.56.8-11.2WWU0Oct 21, 2018viewSunday72018RamsFortyninersaway3-019-710-37-039-10-10.052.52919-3.57.8-11.2WWU0Oct 29, 2018viewMonday82018PatriotsBillsaway3-06-33-313-025-6-14.044.5195-13.5-4.2-9.2WWU0Nov 04, 2018viewSunday92018BearsBillsaway0-028-03-310-641-9-10.038.53222.011.516.8-5.2WWO0Nov 04, 2018viewSunday92018ChiefsBrownsaway7-314-1213-03-637-21-8.552.0167.56.06.8-0.8WWO0Nov 11, 2018viewSunday102018ChargersRaidersaway0-310-07-03-320-6-10.050.0144.0-24.0-10.0-14.0WWU0Nov 25, 2018viewSunday122018PatriotsJetsaway7-73-310-37-027-13-12.046.0142.0-6.0-2.0-4.0WWU0 Dec 09, 2018viewSunday142018SteelersRaidersaway-10.551.5
Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Saints vs Bucs
-8 -112 at betonline
Play Type: Premium

The NFL Power system play is on New Orleans. Game 113 at 1:00 eastern. We are playing against Tamp bay as they are in our play against system that pertains to dogs of 6 more on grass, vs an opponent who runs the ball well.These home dogs as seen in the system are 0-30 with just 2 covers. The Saints have covered 8 straight after a game where they had a catch of 30+ yards. They are 5-0 ats after getting 250 or less total yards and they have home loss revenge for week 1 where Tampa lit them up for 48 points. They have extra rest having last played 10 days ago. Tampa has failed to cover 19 of 26 after allowing 250+ yards. The Saints come marching in today.

SU:0-30-0 T


Oct 20, 2013Sunday72013RamsPanthersaway2-73-107-103-315-307.042.5-15-8.02.5-2.85.2LLO0

Oct 24, 2013Thursday82013BuccaneersPanthershome3-73-70-77-1013-316.540.0-18-11.54.0-3.87.8LLO0

Oct 27, 2013Sunday82013JaguarsFortyninersneutral0-143-147-70-710-4216.040.0-32-1612.0-2.014.0LLO0

Nov 03, 2013Sunday92013FalconsPanthersaway0-710-70-30-1710-348.546.5-24-15.5-2.5-9.06.5LLU0

Dec 01, 2013Sunday132013BuccaneersPanthersaway6-70-100-70-36-278.041.5-21-13.0-8.5-10.82.2LLU0

Dec 08, 2013Sunday142013TitansBroncosaway14-107-107-140-1728-5113.050.0-23-10299.519.5LLO0

Sep 28, 2014viewSunday42014JaguarsChargersaway0-314-140-100-614-3313.045.0-19-6.02.0-2.04.0LLO0

Oct 26, 2014viewSunday82014RaidersBrownsaway0-66-30-07-1413-237.044.0-10-3.0-8.0-5.5-2.5LLU0

Oct 26, 2014viewSunday82014RamsChiefsaway7-00-100-100-147-347.044.0-27-20.0-3.0-11.58.5LLU0

Nov 09, 2014viewSunday102014JaguarsCowboysneutral7-100-140-710-017-317.045.5-14-72.5-2.24.8LLO0

Nov 30, 2014viewSunday132014TitansTexansaway0-140-1014-77-1421-457.043.0-24-

Dec 21, 2014viewSunday162014CardinalsSeahawkshome0-03-143-00-216-359.536.5-29-19.54.5-7.512.0LLO0

Oct 04, 2015viewSunday42015FortyninersPackershome0-73-00-100-03-177.548.0-14-6.5-28.0-17.2-10.8LLU0

Oct 11, 2015viewSunday52015RamsPackersaway0-1410-00-70-310-249.045.5-14-5.0-11.5-8.2-3.2LLU0

Nov 22, 2015viewSunday112015RedskinsPanthersaway14-140-170-102-316-447.545.5-28-20.514.5-3.017.5LLO0

Dec 13, 2015viewSunday142015FalconsPanthersaway0-210-70-100-00-388.545.5-38-29.5-7.5-18.511.0LLU0

Sep 18, 2016viewSunday22016FortyninersPanthersaway3-77-100-1417-1527-4613.045.0-19-

Oct 09, 2016viewSunday52016BrownsPatriotshome7-160-70-76-313-3310.547.5-20-9.5-1.5-5.54.0LLU0

Nov 06, 2016viewSunday92016BrownsCowboyshome3-77-140-140-010-357.547.5-25-17.5-2.5-10.07.5LLU0

Jan 01, 2017viewSunday172016DolphinsPatriotshome0-147-67-70-814-359.047.0-21-12.02.0-5.07.0LLO0

Sep 17, 2017viewSunday22017BrownsRavensaway0-77-143-00-310-248.039.0-14-6-5.0-5.50.5LLU0

Oct 29, 2017viewSunday82017FortyninersEaglesaway0-30-147-103-610-3313.044.0-23-10-1-5.54.5LLU0

Nov 05, 2017viewSunday92017BroncosEaglesaway3-176-140-1314-723-517.543.5-28-20.530.55.025.5LLO0

Nov 19, 2017viewSunday112017BrownsJaguarshome0-77-30-00-97-197.537.5-12-4.5-11.5-8.0-3.5LLU0

Nov 26, 2017viewSunday122017BearsEaglesaway0-70-173-00-73-3114.043.5-28-14.0-9.5-11.82.2LLU0

Dec 03, 2017viewSunday132017ColtsJaguarsaway0-73-97-110-310-3010.540.5-20-9.5-0.5-5.04.5LLU0

Dec 23, 2017viewSaturday162017PackersVikingshome0-100-00-30-30-169.041.0-16-7.0-25-16.0-9.0LLU0

Dec 24, 2017viewSunday162017BuccaneersPanthersaway3-36-97-33-719-229.546.5-36.5-5.50.5-6.0LWU0

Dec 25, 2017viewMonday162017RaidersEaglesaway0-77-03-30-910-199.544.5-90.5-15.5-7.5-8.0LWU0

Oct 21, 2018viewSunday72018FortyninersRamshome0-37-193-100-710-3910.052.5-29-19-3.5-11.27.8LLU0

Dec 09, 2018viewSunday142018BuccaneersSaintshome8.055.5

Matchup Selection W/L
NFL  |  Dec 09, 2018
Jets vs Bills
+3½ -115 at YouWager
Play Type: Premium

NFL EARLY Bird on NY.Jets at 100 eastern


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