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    Jack Jones NFL Free Pick | Nov 01, 2020
    Take: Chargers -3 -116

    Jack’s Free Pick Sunday: Los Angeles Chargers -3

    The Los Angeles Chargers are one of the most underrated teams in the NFL right now due to their 2-4 record.  They could easily be 4-2 or be - Read More...

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    Service Units Wins Losses %Pct %Since
    Teddy Davis+11584.083766855.6%2016-01-07
    Jeff Alexander+8020.0108993553.8%2013-01-30
    Mike Williams+7671.065653255.2%2016-11-30
    Kyle Hunter+7488.048537656.3%2017-03-07
    Bobby Conn+7210.046436056.3%2018-02-21
    John Martin+6892.096883553.7%2015-12-23
    Bobby Wing+6352.044534956.0%2018-02-22
    Doc's Sports+5793.0111798453.2%2011-02-26
    Stephen Nover+5752.044935755.7%2013-03-28
    Jimmy Boyd+5322.044836455.2%2018-01-25
    Ray Monohan+5246.062452854.2%2012-12-04
    Info Plays+4025.041434354.7%2018-01-23
    Jack Jones+3906.0110098652.7%2011-03-18
    Scott Rickenbach+3905.030023955.7%2018-01-18
    Sal Michaels+3900.022517057.0%2019-02-09
    Cole Faxon+3707.031225255.3%2018-11-23
    John Ryan+3490.065357653.1%2016-02-17
    Trev Rogers+3464.084674653.1%2017-01-21
    Carolina Sports+3355.062854753.5%2017-01-06
    Matt Fargo+3309.023718755.9%2019-01-08
    Ben Burns+3173.093482553.1%2010-03-25
    Bryan Power+3147.046039453.9%2016-03-19
    Big Al McMordie+3135.014810758.0%2019-02-09
    Jesse Schule+2807.062051154.8%2014-02-24
    Ricky Tran+2654.0502170.4%2019-12-30
    Rocky Atkinson+2577.044238353.6%2009-12-02
    Andre Ramirez+2393.051544053.9%2017-11-29
    Michael Alexander+2367.048442453.3%2017-02-02
    Kevin Young+2221.013710556.6%2019-12-21
    Hunter Price+2182.0724661.0%2020-02-06
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