The first round of the NCAA Tournament will bring out a majority of the upsets that will occur. There are some teams that get even further into the tournament and that is what we will talk about here.

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I like Buffalo to get past West Virginia and face Maryland in round 2. In my bracket, I have Buffalo stopping here but Maryland can play down to lesser opponents at times and it would not surprise me if they gave Maryland a run for their money. This is a game where Buffalo could shock people and move on to the Sweet 16. However, if that does happen, they will not be shocking anyone after that.

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If BYU can beat Ole Miss, I think they have a good shot at making it deep in the tournament. BYU has one of the best offenses in the tournament but their defense will most likely be their demise. After beating Xavier, I have BYU taking on Baylor. If Ole Miss is the team to play Baylor, I think Ole Miss will stop here, but I believe BYU can take it one step further and move on to face Arizona. At this point, good defense will come in to play and that is as far as BYU will go.

N. Iowa, who is the fifth seed, is another team I see going far. They should blow through Wyoming in the first round and I think they get the best of Louisville and steal a victory from them as well. Once they get to Villanova, everything will change. Villanova is a great team that has been playing well and the Sweet 16 is where they will fall to Villanova.

Once we get to the Elite 8, I have no team ranked higher than two making it to this point. Upsets happen early, but rarely occur late in the tournament. Cinderella stories only go so far and in my bracket, they end at the Sweet 16 round. Good luck!