There is some stiff competition in the tournament this year as there are every year. The big question is, who will make it to the Final Four? This year I have all number one and number two seeds making it. No upsets or surprises once we get to this stage. The upsets usually occur in the first round with maybe one or two in the second round. More often than not, the teams in the final four are the teams that should be there.

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When the west meets the mid west, it will be a showdown like no other. Arizona and Kentucky have great defenses and great offenses. When you combine that into one game, it truly benefits the fans. We usually get to see a great game that is close and as nerve racking as it is for the players. Lets be honest, we do not want to see Kentucky beat Arizona by 30 points. We want to see a great game and that is what we will see if these two teams meet in the Final Four. However, I just feel that Kentucky will get by anyone they play. We may see a few final shots go in to get them the championship, but teams usually need something great like that to happen to earn the title.

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I have Villanova from the east and Gonzaga from the south facing off in the Final Four. I am sure many people do not have these two teams facing each other but I do and I’ll tell you why. Villanova has been lights out this year. They performed well each and every game and theie biggest hurdle should be getting past Virginia and I believe that is exactly what they will do. Gonzaga has definitely had the weaker division but they are a great team in whatever division they are in. Their biggest hurdle will be Iowa State and then Duke. Both games would be high scoring and would most likely come down to the wire but I think that Gonzaga will upset Duke and then Villanova and move on to face Kentucky. However, this is where I have their journey coming to an end. I think Kentucky will just overpower them with offense and defense and Kentucky will end up with the title.